Common Diseases

Vascular disease is complex and requires a wide range of expertise for effective treatment. At the Vascular Center of Northern Michigan, we start with a rigorous program of screening and integrated care for high-risk candidates. Early detection can reduce the risk of serious complications, thus we put enormous emphasis on diagnosis, using the most advanced non-invasive technologies including ultrasound, CT Scans, MRI and MRA. Our non-invasive diagnostic laboratory puts us at the forefront of vascular care.

Most Americans are familiar with heart disease and with the consequences of blockages in the vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. But few people realize that blockages caused by a buildup of plaque and cholesterol affect more than coronary arteries. Arteries and veins carry oxygen-rich blood to vital organs, the brain, and legs. Blockages cause serious illness.

Three of the most recognized vascular diseases include: