Vascular Disease Prevention

Vascular disease can happen to anyone. While in many cases your susceptibility to vascular disease may be genetic, several of the risk factors for vascular disease, such as high cholesterol, a sedentary lifestyle and smoking, are within your control.

The Vascular Center of Northern Michigan is committed to providing comprehensive vascular care, which includes a focus on prevention. Our physicians can help you to identify and modify your risk factors for vascular disease.

Vascular disease can be controlled if diagnosed and treated early. Dr. Colburn and Dr. Boros can assist people in preventing or slowing the advancement of these diseases with lifestyle changes.

Five lifestyle practices that have the most effect on vascular health include: 

  • Smoking
  • Eating a healthy, low fat diet
  • Maintaining good cholesterol level
  • Taking care of your blood pressure to keep it within a normal range
  • Exercising regularly – even a moderate walking program can be effective

People age 55 and older should talk with their primary care physician about their vascular health. Painless, noninvasive tests can determine your vascular health and risk of disease.

The links at left provides general information on the most common types of vascular diseases.