This procedure is used to remove varicose veins after the saphenous vein has been treated. This is performed in the office under local anesthetic. For this procedure, tiny incisions are made where the veins are to be removed. These incisions are made with a very small instrument. A special tool is then used to remove the vein in sections through these tiny incisions. More than one vein may be removed in a single session. This procedure may be done alone or combined with endovenous laser ablation.

After-care Information

After your procedure your incisions are closed with steri-strips (small strips of paper tape). No stitches are needed. The leg is wrapped in a bandage to be worn for 48 hours. For the best results, compression stockings are recommended during the daytime for 7 days. Any discomfort that is associated with this procedure is controlled with over the counter pain relievers.

Please consult the printable PDF for detailed aftercare instructions. This is the same document that you will receive once you have scheduled your microphlebectomy appointment at the Vascular Center of Northern Michigan.